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  1. artandsciencejournal:

    Bojana Ginn

    Bojana Ginn is a sculpture artist whose work focuses on how life is formed. As Ginn states of her work,

    “It is about the application of scientific models and laws onto materials. I am fascinated with the mechanisms of life — particularly Evolution and molecular biology. Through a period of one year I created five different installations and performances inspired by the molecule that started evolution. Named Cytosine, this molecule was able to self-replicate –- to make little new copies of itself. In the realm of art; an image is a copy of the idea; a drawing replicates into a sculpture, sculpture into photograph, an artist into her work.”

    Her works are inspired by the line-resembling objects and phenomena found inside the micro cosmos of our bodies: neurons and their networks, synaptic events, protein knots, the flow of electrons trough membranes. The colours bring with them a vision of a techno future in contrast to the organic colours of our bodies. For more on Ginn’s work, click here. 

    - Lee Jones

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      The precisely detailed textures in these works have been the focus point of study for me, the intricate fine marks gave...
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