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  1. Aren't some of the problems that are often discussed at least partly because sometimes creators underestimate the genre they work in? I often get the impression that the people responsible have that mindset; "Yeah, sure, I could create something relevant and important, but mainly I just need an excuse to put big boobs into spandex." Do they secretly believe that science fiction belongs into its genre ghetto and therefore no effort to be inclusive or plausible (string tangas as amor) is required?

    Well, I wouldn’t presume to know why people do the things they do. But I would guess sometimes it’s just a job, you know, and the publishing and art worlds are cut-throat industries. Others may not have the motivation or the inspiration to crank out something relevant and important. And yet others may honestly like big boobs and spandex. If some people like to watch them, others surely like to write and draw them.

    As for understimating the genre, that’s entirely possible too. Genre fiction has been the staple for cheap, mass produced, low-brow entertainment. B-movies, pulp books, comics in the silver and golden ages, exploitation films. It’s one business model, the fast food model. But sometimes I like to eat fast food, and sometimes I like to read/watch something purely for its shock/arousal value. Not always, and I also wanna have that option, I don’t want to eat in gourmet restaurants every day of the week. To be truly inclusive, we should have both, thought provoking, meaningful literature, and shock-inducing thrill and sex fueled escapist fantasies. The key, as with most things in life, is balance.

    - totalinterferencia

  3. Can you just post cool sci-fi stuff? People read way into what essentially is silly fantasy, I know its silly but its a fantasy, that is what makes it fun.
    asked by Anonymous

    I’m afraid I can’t do that, anon. I mean I CAN post cool sci-fi stuff, me and the rest of the guys that chip in. But I can’t ONLY post sci-fi stuff, and not answer the questions and concerns raised by anyone, follower or not. I want this to be an inclusive blog, and your imput is important, that’s why the ask box is open.

    And also, I don’t agree with you that it’s a “silly fantasy”. I take science fiction very seriously, and that’s why it has become such a big part of my life. I teach a college course using science fiction. I’ve given lectures about it. I’ve joined book clubs about it. I’ve cosplayed. I’ve participated in groups and collectives about it. And I run this blog.

    And fun is good, fun is great. But these stories and fantasies also deserve critical thinking and deserve to be taken seriously, not just as fleeting entertainment.

    - totalinterferencia

  4. cybernetic-psychosis:

Suit by sbalac
  5. Hi, this is about the sexualization of characters discussion. I didn't completely get what your opinion was. It sounded like you were talking about the context behind the issue rather than answering the question and I'm very interested in your answer. My opinion is that I'm a girl and I'm a fan of both science fiction and comic books. I've found that the treatment and portrayal of women in both genres to be unsatisfying and usually uncomfortable for me, especially when I started out.

    Well, the original anon posed two related questions, What are your thoughts on hyper-sexualization in character design, especially when it comes to female superheroes?” and "if you thought anything beyond “women are eye-candy things for me to get boners over”

    See, one is about character design. The second one is phrased about women in general. I agree that they are surely related, and for any person the answers would have to be coherent. Which one would you like me to answer, or both, or pose your own question?

    - totalinterferencia

  6. I think the issue is that media is gluted with straight white male fantasy/wish fulfillment and the rest of us are left to scrape by with the few bones we get tossed. It's more difficult for women (over 50% of the pop.) and minorities (who combined are more than the "majority") to get their stories published and then distributed and marketed. So we have to try and make do with what's there but it gets old. I agree that we would do better to embrace new characters but they are hard to find.
    asked by tardiscrash

    Yes, it’s an age-old tale. The mainstream buckles down to the ones that have more power, more of a platform, more buying power. And the have nots have to make do with what’s on the slipstream. Although that last one is usually more interesting, right up until it is co-opted by the mainstream.

    - totalinterferencia

  7. lj7stkok:

SportsBOT by Bluefley on deviantART
  8. scifi-fantasy-horror:

  9. usefulavocado:

Crane’s War Cover Art by Julian-Faylona
  10. cosmicwolfstorm:

cyber city by ioan dumitrescu